Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shower of Blessing

Our sweet church family, here at White Pond, showered us with a baby shower loaded with everything PINK !!! We are soo excited to meet our little girl but still have so much yet to do. Our families were able to come for the weekend and celebrate with us. My favorite thing was the little gold bracelet my mom gave me which was worn by me when I was just a baby. It was such a precious gift !! The funniest was a pink onsie that read "Princess on the Farm" with a john deere tractor on it. OH how loved you already are, Sweet Eva!!! In other news, we are gearing up for a double birthday BASH !!! Our boys are turning 2 and in the world did they get this big? Where did the time go? Will is getting better everyday in his speech. Getting dressed by himself and wanting to do everything by himself. Preston is on the verge of walking and getting around faster each and everyday. EVERYBODY is teething !! I will be sooo glad when we finish this teething last so long !!! Countdown 10 weeks !!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are still here !!!

We are back and going strong....we took a break in all the blog action here at the Turner homefront. We have had many changes:
  • We moved in February from Mobile AL to White City, AL (about 20 miles out in the country) and our closest town is Prattville, AL. Woodie was called in late January to be pastor of White Pond Baptist Church. We are truly loving our new church family and look forward to great things here in White City.
  • In March, we found out we are EXPECTING #3....we are crazy, we know!
  • In May, we took things to the road when we headed to Louisville, KY to see my brother graduate Boyce College. It was such a great time and lots of babies (my parents already have 4 grandkids, soon to be 5, in only 2 1/2 years)
  • In June, my granny went to meet her King !!! ( I will post more on this later in a separate post) and we headed to Florida for her funeral
  • We Also went back to Louisville for the SBC which we absolutely LOVED !!! We are so passionate for the small churches of the convention and the ministry being done on the small town scale and the difference they make for Christ's kingdom.
  • in July, we found out we will be having a LITTLE GIRL !!! we have chosen to name her .....EVA MARIE TURNER.
  • We are getting geared up for birthday season....and headed to Tenn for Josiah's 2nd birthday in a couple weeks. We are sooo excited to see cousins !!!
Woodie is serving full time as pastor and shepards our flock of 8o or so precious members. I am able to be a stay at home mom with our two boys and serve our congregation with Woodie in whatever capacity I am needed. I am constantly learning my role is "whatever". I have done secretary, discipleship training teacher and nursery worker so far and am loving every minute. Will is 21 months old now and is always on the go !!! Preston is 10 months old, crawling all over, waving, eating only table food and constantly staying at big brother's heels !!! Well I hope to keep you more up to date with our lives and post plenty of pictures of our new home, the boys and the occassional prego pix !!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Boys Haircut !!!

We decided it was time for Will to get his first BIG BOY haircut since his hair was down on his neck and over his ears. It has taken forever for his hair to actually get thick enough or long enough to actually NEED a trim....but the time came for our baby to be a little boy!!! We ventured out to undertake this transformation ourselves by putting Will in the high chair and using some kitchen scissors and comb to trim the edges. After many attempts to grab the scissors and comb hair ourselves, we finally gave up and decided the $12.95 was absolutely worth it to have a "professional" do it. I took him to "Smilz n Stylz" a little kids salon where they are great at distracting the kids with cars to drive. Will absolutely loved the Corvette (he has expensive taste !!) and made the "vroom, vroom" sound the whole time. We reassured him that he better enjoy driving expensive cars now because there will be none when he turns 16!!! Doesn't he look so grown up? Where does the time go?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Fun

FALL IS FUN!!! We have been crazy busy these last few weeks catching up from Will's 1st birthday bash. Sorry for such a break in posting but here are some pictures to catch up. We have had a cousin's wedding last weekend, Preston turned 1 month old, and Will has been cutting about 6 teeth !!! Poor baby! (Actually we only have 2 that have cut the gum but the rest are coming and meltdowns are an every day occurence now). After picking out the perfect pumpkin in the patch (which Will loves to hug and chew on) we carved it the other night, cleaning out the insides while Will chewed on the pumpkin lid !! How funny he looked when it didn't taste quite what he was hoping for!!! Our picture below shows are wonderful artistic ability! Ha ha. Preston is growing like a weed and almost weighs 10 pounds but we are having some gassiness problems... seems he is having terrible gas and clenching up in pain after feedings as well as spitting up excessive amounts of his meals and crying in pain. Please pray for us and him as we are trusting in the Lord to take care of this issue. The doctors seem to think it is reflux and tried symptom relief with no results and now have put him on medicine. They say they aren't too worried since he is gaining weight really well but its hard to see your baby in pain. It has only been a couple of days now on the medicine but the dr says it takes a week before we can physically see results. So we are being PATIENT...but as some of you know, that is not my spiritual gift by a long shot. Also in other news, I am going back to work full time hopefully only temporary. I will start night shift in 2 weeks working 6 pm to 6 am 3 nights a week and working every other weekend. Woodie will also work at Sprint but the market here isn't as flourishing as it was in Louisville therefore we are temporarily sticking with it until something else opens up. We are having to get childcare for the boys and I have desperately searched so I don't have to put them in daycare... its not that my boys are too good for daycare or I don't think children receive good care there, after all I was practically raised in daycare from 6 weeks old. Its just that I don't want a total stranger taking care of my children all day. I mean there are days where I (a total sinner) run low on patience and speak a little harsher than I should to my toddler and they are MY flesh and blood. Anyhow, so we met a really sweet college gal from the University of Mobile and she was looking to do some nannying this semester. The Lord knew my desires and placed her in our path. So she will keep the boys in our home 4 days a week so I can sleep in the daytime and until Woodie gets home. The boys are growing so quickly. Where does time go? The other day Woodie commented on how they are "momma's boys" and I thought to myself, "I'll take them anyday. How sweet they are and how fast they grow up." I am sooo thankful for the Lord providing in every little thing for us this year has been a busy year and much has happened but in it all, we can say .... God is SOOO GOOD !!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Will Turns ONE !!! Part I

This weekend when I should have been throwing my first born his 1st birthday party 39 weeks pregnant.... I was doing it with a 1 year old and a 2 week old... talk about exhausting but we had a great time and enjoyed sharing it with so many family and friends and we even had a few surprises !!! We had decided we would do a "tonka" truck party since Will has enjoyed so much playing with trucks lately. We had balloons, tonka trucks, and even construction signs like "Fun Zone; Cake Area; Falling Crumbs" The party was in Citronelle at Woodie's grandmother's home where all his extended family lives. They were able to come as well as both sets of grandparents and my brother and sister in law from Louisville. We had a blast with all the kiddos playing. And much to our surprise, 2 HUGE construction dump trucks showed up and you would have thought we had planned it since it was a "truck " theme but NO !! All the kids wanted to have their pictures taken with the "REAL" trucks. And of course, it made me look GOOD cause everyone wanted to know if I had that planned ! HA HA!! How perfect and it was free entertainment... HOpe you enjoy the pictures !!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And Now We're FOUR !!

After having the baby shower last weekend and family coming into town, we were very excited about the last couple of weeks before Preston would arrive. Honestly, we had a ton to do. Woodie had been working 10-11 hr days, Will is getting more active and expecting his 1st birthday soon, and I was HUGE and ready to have our little man arrive ! I had kept saying I wish he would just come early since Will came 8 days late, but I had no idea it would be 3 weeks early !! All day Monday, I wasn't feeling well and started having contractions irregularly that evening. Tuesday Morning I awoke and they were every 3-4 minutes and coming faster. We called Woodie's aunt to come get Will but we had no time, so we took him with us to the hospital. Will was so good during the whole thing. I was up front panting through contractions whiile Woodie drove and I turn around to see Will "breathing/blowing" with me... Isn't that precious? When we got to the hospital, I was 5 cm (I was only 1 cm at the Dr's appt only 3 days before) and ready to go. The nurse was so good and was checking me in asking all kinds of questions....and all I could tell her was that I NEEDED an epidural !!! Seriously, that is all i could tell her ! Finally my epidural came and it was the difference between night and day. I know Woodie was relieved. Well wihtin a couple hours my DR got there and said we were at 10 cm !! Whoo hoo. Then I started feeling my legs and belly, etc... the epidural was wearing off. It was my worst nightmare. I could feel everything, every pain, every bit of pressure. Lets just say this woman could never do natural childbirth and am very thankful for whoever came up with the epidural !! My nurse told me we didn't have time to get another epidural and that I would just have to push... NO WAY !!! I told her I HAD to have something... so the anesthesiologist came (thank goodness I am a nurse, cause I wasn't going to buy that one) and they replaced my epidural and relief...sweet relief !! At 2:17 pm, our sweet little boy was born with a head full of jet black hair. He was so much smaller than Will at 7 lbs 14 oz. but looks just like him, even the same COWLICK !!! How funny... We are truly blessed and are getting adjusted to having a crew of boys....young boys ! Oh how I hope they grow up to be best friends, playmates and brothers !!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

BaBy Shower Weekend !

My dear friend Julia was so sweet and gave me a "Diapers and Wipes" shower for Preston. It was full of family and friends and my mom (as well as Woodie's mom and grandma) were able to come from out of town to make it. It was so sweet and we received some much needed supplies. The funny part was when my mom said "all those diapers and wipes would last me about 2 weeks" She probably is right!!! Anyhow, we enjoyed playing some games, food and baby entertainment. Thank you to all who could come. On Sunday, all of our out of town guests came to church with us . You know everyone there was excited about 4 visitors !! Since we have been here in Mobile we have attended this church and totally fallen in love with it. The people are an older congregation but their hear for the Lord is evident and passionate. Oh and did I mention....they LOVE on EVERYBODY !!! I remember the first Sunday we went to visit, we were greeted with "Well, my how are you ? How have you been?" I asked Woodie if he knew them and he said no. They just already act as if you were just there the week before. It is refreshing !! Enjoy the pictures from our wonderful weekend !!
Woodie, I and Will with my mom and dad
Me at 37 Weeks !!
Me and my mom at the shower