Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shower of Blessing

Our sweet church family, here at White Pond, showered us with a baby shower loaded with everything PINK !!! We are soo excited to meet our little girl but still have so much yet to do. Our families were able to come for the weekend and celebrate with us. My favorite thing was the little gold bracelet my mom gave me which was worn by me when I was just a baby. It was such a precious gift !! The funniest was a pink onsie that read "Princess on the Farm" with a john deere tractor on it. OH how loved you already are, Sweet Eva!!! In other news, we are gearing up for a double birthday BASH !!! Our boys are turning 2 and in the world did they get this big? Where did the time go? Will is getting better everyday in his speech. Getting dressed by himself and wanting to do everything by himself. Preston is on the verge of walking and getting around faster each and everyday. EVERYBODY is teething !! I will be sooo glad when we finish this teething last so long !!! Countdown 10 weeks !!!

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