Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Boys Haircut !!!

We decided it was time for Will to get his first BIG BOY haircut since his hair was down on his neck and over his ears. It has taken forever for his hair to actually get thick enough or long enough to actually NEED a trim....but the time came for our baby to be a little boy!!! We ventured out to undertake this transformation ourselves by putting Will in the high chair and using some kitchen scissors and comb to trim the edges. After many attempts to grab the scissors and comb hair ourselves, we finally gave up and decided the $12.95 was absolutely worth it to have a "professional" do it. I took him to "Smilz n Stylz" a little kids salon where they are great at distracting the kids with cars to drive. Will absolutely loved the Corvette (he has expensive taste !!) and made the "vroom, vroom" sound the whole time. We reassured him that he better enjoy driving expensive cars now because there will be none when he turns 16!!! Doesn't he look so grown up? Where does the time go?