Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are still here !!!

We are back and going strong....we took a break in all the blog action here at the Turner homefront. We have had many changes:
  • We moved in February from Mobile AL to White City, AL (about 20 miles out in the country) and our closest town is Prattville, AL. Woodie was called in late January to be pastor of White Pond Baptist Church. We are truly loving our new church family and look forward to great things here in White City.
  • In March, we found out we are EXPECTING #3....we are crazy, we know!
  • In May, we took things to the road when we headed to Louisville, KY to see my brother graduate Boyce College. It was such a great time and lots of babies (my parents already have 4 grandkids, soon to be 5, in only 2 1/2 years)
  • In June, my granny went to meet her King !!! ( I will post more on this later in a separate post) and we headed to Florida for her funeral
  • We Also went back to Louisville for the SBC which we absolutely LOVED !!! We are so passionate for the small churches of the convention and the ministry being done on the small town scale and the difference they make for Christ's kingdom.
  • in July, we found out we will be having a LITTLE GIRL !!! we have chosen to name her .....EVA MARIE TURNER.
  • We are getting geared up for birthday season....and headed to Tenn for Josiah's 2nd birthday in a couple weeks. We are sooo excited to see cousins !!!
Woodie is serving full time as pastor and shepards our flock of 8o or so precious members. I am able to be a stay at home mom with our two boys and serve our congregation with Woodie in whatever capacity I am needed. I am constantly learning my role is "whatever". I have done secretary, discipleship training teacher and nursery worker so far and am loving every minute. Will is 21 months old now and is always on the go !!! Preston is 10 months old, crawling all over, waving, eating only table food and constantly staying at big brother's heels !!! Well I hope to keep you more up to date with our lives and post plenty of pictures of our new home, the boys and the occassional prego pix !!!

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The Yates' said...

WOW baby number three... how exciting, and its a little girl how very sweet! Congratulations to you both! miss you!