Monday, October 13, 2008

Will Turns ONE !!! Part I

This weekend when I should have been throwing my first born his 1st birthday party 39 weeks pregnant.... I was doing it with a 1 year old and a 2 week old... talk about exhausting but we had a great time and enjoyed sharing it with so many family and friends and we even had a few surprises !!! We had decided we would do a "tonka" truck party since Will has enjoyed so much playing with trucks lately. We had balloons, tonka trucks, and even construction signs like "Fun Zone; Cake Area; Falling Crumbs" The party was in Citronelle at Woodie's grandmother's home where all his extended family lives. They were able to come as well as both sets of grandparents and my brother and sister in law from Louisville. We had a blast with all the kiddos playing. And much to our surprise, 2 HUGE construction dump trucks showed up and you would have thought we had planned it since it was a "truck " theme but NO !! All the kids wanted to have their pictures taken with the "REAL" trucks. And of course, it made me look GOOD cause everyone wanted to know if I had that planned ! HA HA!! How perfect and it was free entertainment... HOpe you enjoy the pictures !!


Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

How cute! Did you do the cake yourself? It looks awesome. How funny about the construction vehicles! I would love to catch up with you guys. Here's my e-mail: By the way, congrats on the new baby!

Beginning Again said...

I love the pics! The cake looked great! U are super woman!!

The Marshmans said...

kudos on the cake!! Holy Cow that looked amazing!

Leah said...

I'm a bad friend...sorry.

I've had you on my mind. How are the boys? I want to see some newer pictures of Preston.

Thanks for the b-day wishes via text for Kendall. She had a great day!

We miss you here!!!

Adam, Holly, Grace said...

Hey Kylie,
I found your blog through Leah's again. Sounds like you have had your hands full! I feel your pain when it comes to Preston's problems. Grace has reflux and it was very bad for months. In the beginning she was very fussy also. It is rough but it will get better!! Grace is over 7 months now and her spitting up has just about resolved! I don't know what he takes but Grace takes Prevacid Solutab and it works pretty good. She still spits up though but not as fussy! It's expensive though but we are able to get samples now so try this if you need to try something new and he isn't already taking it.--Holly